COMPANY PORTRAIT beginning in 1903

Martin Busch & Sohn is one of the few family businesses in the Ruhr district which can look back on a long tradition.


Martin Busch & Sohn (MBS) is a family-run company, situated in the Ruhr district. It was founded in 1903 and operates in the sector of vessel and apparatus engineering. We are specialized in producing heat exchangers, agitators, vessels and special constructions as well as the repair of apparatuses. Since 2001 we have also been producing conveying equipment, for example wet deslaggers predominantly for thermal treatment plants.


We process various different stainless steels, heat-resistant steels, special alloys, non-ferrous metals and, besides the usual structural steels, also fine-grained steels and plated steel.


The entire manufacturing process of the company Martin Busch & Sohn is subject to a continuous quality control in accordance with national and international codes. Individual specifications concerning the quality control are implemented accordingly in our company. Acceptance and control regulations of national and international authorities, in addition to our own certifying rights, form part of the MBS quality assurance.


We build vessels and apparatuses up to a unit weight of 30t according to our own calculations, design and constructions according to ASTM, as well as submitted constructions.



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