Controllers are available for monitoring and/or control of pressure, temperature, mixer speed, gas flow or any combination of these reactor functions.

Universal Reactor Controller - URC

Stand Alone Control and Monitoring of Stirred and Non-Stirred Reactors

The Universal Reactor Controller (URC) provides temperature, pressure, and mixer speed control for a variety of stirred and nonstirred reactor systems designed for the laboratory environment. PID control of heaters, Speed Control of DC Stirring Motors, Temperature and Over-Temperature Control and optional Communications give the user precise control of their reaction systems.

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Sentinel Series Controller

PLC based for control & monitoring of all process conditions

The Sentinel Series Controller is a powerful, integrated package for the precise control of Temperature, Pressure, and Mixer speed. Using a touch screen display, the operator can program ten 12 step recipes. Options include data acquisition, Liquid Pumps, MFC's, Catalyst Injectors, & other external devices.

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Watchtower® Software

A Machine Control and Data Collection software package for Reactor Systems.

Designed to integrate one to four Sentinel Controllers onto a single, remote, supervisory workstation. Allows remote control of all Sentinel functions. Provides data acquisition function from all connected Sentinels.

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UTD (Universal Tach Display)

For monitoring the speed of MagneDrives.

Operator configurable for any Autoclave MagneDrive. Large, 5 digit, LED Display. Optional model provides 2 relay outputs.

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