On request, we produce special structures, such as gas safety rotary valves, muffler, autoclaves and reactors. Do you have a special request? Working together with you, we will find the right solution.


- SMARTSULF reactors: The reactors are designed and manufactured in collaboration with ITS Reactor Technology GmbH. These reactors with internal plate heat exchangers and the 4-way valves (Manufacturers: VALCO Engineering GmbH) are the core components of the SMARTSULF process.


SMARTSULF is a system for sulfur recovery. It is different from the conventional approach in that it is simple in its set-up and shows a lower environmental footprint. This results in low capital and operating costs.


SMARTSULF requires just a Claus furnace plus two downstream catalytic stages to reach a sulfur recovery rate of more than 99.8 %. Such values could be achieved in the past only with much more complex and expensive systems.


SMARTSULF utilizes the process principle of Sub-Dew-Point operation, as e.g. in the well-known process CBA. However in contrast to this older process, SMARTSULF applies reactors with internal cooling. This allows the higher performance of SMARTSULF. A typical process flow diagram of SMARTSULF can be seen in the diagram (left).


- Gas safety rotary valves are quick closing devices, which meet the safety guidelines corresponding to gas furnaces (SR-gas). The gas safety device is based on the principle of the liquid seal.


- Silencer


- Autoclaves


- Reactors

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